Spartiates Trailer
Feature Documentary
Director: Nicolas Wadimoff
Producer: Jean Golinelli, Akka Films (CH) et Alegria Production (F)
DP: Joseph Areddy
Sound: Carlos Ibanez
Editing: Jean-Daniel Schneider
Colorist: Freestudio, Rodney Musso
Equipment: Visuals, Philippe Romy


"...this is one of the best verite films he has seen in years and will break down the barriers between documentary and narrative works.…"
"Back to the camera work and the editing that a couple of times lifts the observations to pure poetry, where the fighters movements are being set in slow motion. Like a ballet."
"...This ambiguity is underlined by magnificent images by Nicolas Wadimoff (photography by Joseph Areddy) who design the contours of his athletic body in a constant coming-and-going of chiaroscuro."
" A film like this should be celebrated and held up as an example of the best kind of work, even while it fits no trend."
Joseph Areddy 2017